Motion Picture

required Documents for Gap funding

  1. Certificate of Registration for the title (from the relevant producers’ guild / authority) – PDF
  2. A completed project submission form (online)
  3. Director’s Profile (300 words max in English)
  4. Producer’s and / or production company’s profile (300 words max in English)
  5. Complete budget break-down (Amount spent, amount required)
  6. Submission Fee
  7. Final edited cut for Investor(s) (5-10 minutes)
  8. Complete script (PDF
  9. Director’s Treatment Note (PDF))
  10. Final list of cast & crew (PDF)

Registration Form

    Upload Synopsis(PDF):*

    * Full Synopsis with beginning, middle and end (2 pages).

    * The Video Attached should be up to 10mins

    Upload Director's Treatment Note(PDF):*

    * max 1000 words in english

    Upload Title Registration (PDF):*

    Upload Total Budget (PDF):*

    Read Terms & policy:*