Film Locations Expo

Every country in the world has some of the most beautiful and scenic panoramas very native to itself. These beautiful vistas have always attracted film makers who are always in search of unique destinations. Countries in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia also have numerous such hidden and apparent gems extremely apt to attracting film makers.

South Asian Film Market  – MENA Edition takes a lead on starting to work with tourism departments of all these countries and list all these locations along with country specific benefits in terms of grants, subsidies and permissions (one country at a time). The film maker subscriber coming onto the web portal of the film market will not only be able to navigate through all such locations country wise along with procedures and benefits but will also be able to compare offerings country wise as well.

South Asian Film Market  – MENA Edition is dedicated to providing constant support and guidance to the film makers of the region. Through initiatives like FilmLocationsExpo, SAFM  – MENA Edition aims at creating and collating all possible opportunities and benefits that exist in the region and bring them to fore for the independent film makers’ community.