Book to Screen

Book to Screen is a unique intiative under South Asian Film Market. In this segment five top selected publishers present the cinematic potential of their portfolio to the prospective film makers, Studio & OTT heads and investors. With an ever-increasing demand for riveting stories and film makers under pressure to tell stories well, it is reassuring to any film maker to already have a book in hand
To create more awareness about this segment in the film makers as well as publishers, we starting a weekly-web-interview show. This 15 minutes finely nuanced web show will bring to fore various nitty-gritties involved in the process of a book getting adapted into a film or web-series.
The show will primarily capture the challenges of knowing which stories, characters, plots can be told well on screen and which can’t. And how to make the choice intelligently and wisely for the movie to become a riveting story in itself. To be inspired by a book and yet create an independent journey for the movie adaptation is an exciting journey in itself, that will come across in a personalised manner during the show.
The show will also endeavor to slightly touch upon topics related to copyrights, plagiarism, use of brand names and trade-marks and writing on controversial topics.
This unique interview show will feature getting candid with some of the most prolific authors from all over the globe whose books have been adapted to movies as well as some of the most globally celebrated film makers who have made movies based on books.